Application in Food Container

The common takeout food containers in current market often face issues of either effectively protect the food or the convenience of opening and closing the container and cannot address these two issues simultaneously. Here are the issues:

  1. The latch design is tighter to protect food; however, it is not easy to open and close, which leads to extra effort for the business to pack the food and the inconvenience for consumers to open and close the container. Besides, food often spills when opening the lid.
  2. On the other hand, when the latch design is looser for the convenience of opening and closing, the protection of food is sacrificed. The lid often comes off and the food spills during use.

Different from these situations, RELOCKS created a patented latch design that protects the food effectively and easy to open and close, and simple to use. The R & D team had a rigorous design on the latch body, which made RELOCKS a reusable food container that passed SGS standard tests as safe, non-toxic, microwavable, heat resistant, and dish washer friendly for up to 70°C high temperature. RELOCKS utilizes safe food grade materials, production process, and reusable design that no rubber band or restrain strap is needed and regarded as simple, eco-friendly food container. Compared to the general food container or lunch boxes, RELOCKS is not only lighter and more convenient, but also more affordable for occasional needs of carryout. RELOCKS is a new option different from traditional ones and has met the needs of environmental protection and convenience.

Technology:Application in Food Container
Technology:Applications in Industrial and Commercial Packaging
Technology:Applications in Industrial and Commercial Packaging

Applications in Industrial and Commercial Packaging

Most packing blisters in current market, including sealed, insert card, and fordable blister, generally presented to consumers in a fashion way of one-time use. Most consumers dispose the blisters after unpacking because the packing blisters are not reusable when considering the convenience and functionality. However, the patented latch design by RELOCKS is able to securely latch lid and container of the packing blister, using the design of side-wall pull-down structure to increase the weight loading ability. The patented latch by RELOCKS will not pop up and open easily when compressed and impacted by external force, meanwhile is easy to open and close, which enables the packing blister designer to have more possibility of reuse. When the concept of reuse is enhanced and accepted by the consumers, the actual benefits and efficiency of environmental protection and business images will both be elevated drastically.