Quality Policy

Quality Policy:Environmental Requirements/Design Abilities/Manufacturing Stan Dards

ISO:9001 / ISO:22000 / HACCP

Environmental Requirements:
  • The working site is equipped with precision electronic instrument and the dust-free room requiresextremely clean and tidy.
  • All the products ordered by customers are manufactured attentively in food grade packing SOP which is international requirement.
  • To clean and sterilize on time and wear operating clothes during the whole operation procedure is required.
  • We have the professional staff for processing food packaging and stressing the safe procedure.
Design Abilities:

Our superior designing staff tailors the products required from customers in professional perspective and we insist all the designs should have concept and market guidanee. Besides products are designedin artistic look, we think helping customers to transmit the correct massage to consumers is more important.

Manufacturing Stan Dards:

Our manufacturing procedure is identified with "International SOP" using consistent producing technic.
sampling > molding > producing > qualifying, the whole procedure is strictly examined to assure the productscould be good and perfect,so that we can offer the best service to the customers.

Manufacturing and producing SOP
Manufacturing and producing SOP